Becoming Vegan: My Journey

Lupita Barrgan

I have some exciting news! I’m becoming vegan, finally after being a vegetarian for a while. It’s been one year and a half of giving up meat so I decided to give up all animal products. Which includes dairy, egg, and honey. Why now? Why didn’t I just become vegan from the start? Well, I have a blog post talking all about that, why I became vegetarian. But I think that now, I’m ready. Ready to commit and eliminate everything that harms animals. I am slowly selling my leather goods and committing to a cruelty-free lifestyle (stay tuned for a blog post about how to make extra cash on the side).

There was always a guilt in the back of my head when I would order a cheese quesadilla with extra sour cream while explaining to someone why I gave up meat. Letting them understand that animals are being mistreated in the food industry. I felt almost like a hypocrite, is that the correct word? Well, that’s how I felt, but once again I had to remind myself why I decided to eliminate meat first and then eliminate every animal product after. The reason? Well, I didn’t want to collapse, fail, go back to eating meat. I wanted to transition in a way that it was going to be easier for me. While having the objective of my transition in my head. I wasn’t going to be vegetarian forever, I knew I was going to transition to becoming vegan.

Now, I’m in the transition phase and I have been trying to be vegan for three weeks. Let me tell you it’s hard. Yes, it is harder than what I expected it to be. I’m not going to lie it’s difficult giving up everything else that you were able to eat (cheese, milk, eggs, and honey). When I would go out with friends, attend social gatherings, or have my mom cook for me; my alternative was always to substitute meat with cheese. It was the center of my universe. My diet revolved around dairy and eggs. My favorite phrase to hear was “there are no vegetarian options but I can make a quesadilla?”. Now thinking back I was depending on these products the same way I was depending on meat in the past. When I realized that it was my reality, I decided to make a change and go vegan.

My sister agreed to join me on this journey after being pescetarian and then falling back to eating meat. So I was eager that I was not going to be alone in a household that only consumes animal products. The journey began and like I mentioned before it was hard, it actually still is. When I used to purchase my groceries, the only ingredient I had to be cautious about was meat. Now I have to re-read the ingredients of every product I purchase. Just last week, I bought these meatless nuggets which I thought were vegan but apparently it was made with milk and eggs. Facepalm! It was too late, I had devoured them before I read the ingredients. Bumps like these are normal. I faced them all the time my first month when I was becoming vegetarian. You learn from these bumps and continue your journey. 

The initial purpose of this post was to share with you all that I am becoming vegan. I don’t want to call myself a vegan just yet because I am in the stage of transition. That’s what I wanted you guys to see/read. I have encountered blog posts where people talk about how it’s like being vegan or what they wish they knew before transitioning but don’t really discuss their current struggles and transitions. I don’t know if I am making sense but point is, I want you all to read and see my transition in the present. See how I’m currently struggling but continuing on my journey. I truly hope you all enjoyed reading this post and please follow along. I will be creating more posts about my journey and how I’m doing. Leave me a comment if you’re thinking about going vegetarian or vegan, until next time!

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becoming vegan



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