Best Cruelty-Free False Lashes

Best Cruelty-Free False Lashes

I remember owning my first pair of lashes back in high school. It was a pair of dramatic lashes from MAC Cosmetics (a non-cruelty-free brand). Looking back at pictures they weren’t as dramatic as I thought they were but once I started college I ditched the trend. Now, a few years later I began to wear them again. To be quite honest, I am glad I did. It makes such a big difference. Whether you are going out to the club or having brunch with your girlfriends it definitely completes the look. But like any other makeup accessory, I should say, comes with an extensive amount of research. Which products are the cruelty-free and which one’s are not! Below I created a list of my top favorite cruelty-free false lashes and cruelty-free lash glue that I use.

Cruelty-free false lashes

Let’s begin with my top 3 cruelty-free eyelash brands:
1.Ardell: My go-to pair is the cluster wispies #106, they are only $3.99. You can find this brand at your local drugstore, Target or Ulta.
TIP: Ardell offers value packs for beginners, multipacks, and a wide range of falsies. I buy mine online because they have a large variety of lashes.
2.Kiss: Dramatic makeup looks call for true volume false lashes and Ritz by Kiss is my go to. Get a pair for only $4.29.
TIP: If you’re looking for natural dramatic lashes, Kiss has a large variety. You can find this brand at your local drugstore or shop online.
3.Tarte Cosmetics: I like to splurge on a good pair of goddess by Tarte Cosmetics, for $12.
TIP: The difference between this pair and the other two is the band of the lash. It’s thicker and a bit difficult to apply if you’re a beginner. But it’s not impossible, trust me.


My favorite cruelty-free eyelash glue is the Tarte Pro lash adhesive that retails for $9. They have both a black and a clear shade. This product is vegan and cruelty-free which means no animals were tested (music to my ears). What I love about this product is the applicator. It has a fine brush that helps you glide the product onto your eyelash easily. Now onto the formula itself, I love it!  In comparison to the Duo lash glue, the corners of my eyelashes would come off at the end of the day. The  Tarte Pro lash adhesive is my go to if I want my lashes to stay on the whole day, and trust me they do.




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