Blogtober and Life Updates

Blogtober and Life Updates

So I have been gone for almost half of the month of September, or more I should say, not really posting much. Disappointing, I know, tell me about it. But I’ve been working on some exciting stuff such as planning and creating new blog posts/youtube videos. Oh, and revamping my blog! I mean looks much more organized right? Well, that’s if you even remember how my blog used to look. But it’s cool I ain’t mad at you. Life also happened, a lot of personal stuff that just made me want to take a break from writing. Or should I say major creative constipation? I mean it happens, if you’re a writer or you’re trying to start your blog you’ll face it. Taking a mental break really helped me get back on my zone/grind. I’ve also tried some new positive rituals for myself, maybe I’ll write a post on it. I forgot to mention, it’s OCTOBER! Fall is officially here to stay for the next couple of weeks. Summer is over and I am so happy to smell the familiar seasonal smells like pumpkin spice and watch horror movies (like Hocus Pocus). Yup, that’s what I look forward to every year. Talking about every year, I encountered this blogtober trend on twitter and I thought I would try it out. At first, I was wondering “what does blogtober mean?”. It’s simply a challenge where bloggers write 31 blog posts, one for each day. I am not planning on posting every day, but why not give it a try. The goal for this month is to be consistent and stay positive. I hope you guy’s enjoyed this little intro on why I was MIA and I am excited to share more stuff with you all, until next time.   


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