Cruelty-Free Tampons

Let’s talk about periods for a second. Not the grammatical type of periods but the ones that make you spend money every month. Or like the media likes to call it “mother nature”. Yes, people, I’m getting there. Oh, how non-delightful it is to have a visit and a reminder of what awaits for you the next couple of days. Mood swings, cramps, staining your not so cute period underwear; but that’s nature for you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shaming this natural cycle, there are times I find a relief that I got a visit. So in celebration of mother nature, I want to share my favorite eco-friendly product that gets me through that time of the month.

Drumroll, please!

Organic cotton tampons by This is L. I recently discovered this brand while I was shopping for tampons at Target. The packaging was very interesting and different but I wanted to do a little bit more research before I purchased them. So I did, I read reviews, surfed around their website and discovered an amazing thing they do. Anytime you purchase a product, one of them is donated to a female entrepreneur in a developing country! I am all for companies who dedicate their time to help others, so I thought it’s time to give them a try. Let’s confess, I’m all for cruelty-free products but wasn’t using cruelty-free feminine products. Which really upset me because I was going against my beliefs. Okay, that and also another thing, I have a heavy flow. There I said it, I do. I was scared to try a product that was going to make me leak and for some reason, I thought cruelty-free organic tampons weren’t going to make the cut. But I was wrong, clearly. I tried the regular size tampon but they also have super tampons which are always nice. Well, I loved them! The tampon came with a very comfortable applicator, a bit flimsy but that’s okay for me. It was very comfortable to wear and I didn’t leak at all!   

If you’re not a tampon-type of gal don’t worry, they have organic pads and panty liners too! Will I purchase from this brand again? Yes! Not only is their packaging super catchy and modern. Not like your regular tampon box, which is nice. But you don’t have to be so secretive in the store. If you’re anything like me I get shy and embarrassed when I carry a box of tampons. I don’t know why, but this box is completely different and chic. I took my brother to Target and when I was checking out he tried to remind me that I came here to buy tampons not a box of chocolate. My only reaction was to burst out laughing. If you are looking for the right organic tampon, look no further. This brand not only has great quality products but also helps other females in developing countries. It’s a win-win!

organic cotton tampons

organic cotton tampons

organic cotton tampons



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