Cruelty-Free Subscription Box

Cruelty-Free Subscription Box

I love subscription boxes! It’s the best feeling ever when you receive a box full of goodies.  To be honest it feels like my birthday all over again but in this case, I’m gifting myself some amazing products. Don’t you think? Anyways, before I became vegetarian, I subscribed to a few monthly subscription boxes. Trying new products always excited me. As a beauty enthusiast and skincare fanatic, why not grow my collection, right? Well when I decided to get rid of every non-cruelty free product I owned, I began my search for vegan products. So I thought, what better way to try new products than to subscribe to a cruelty-free subscription box. Although, I had no idea who offered vegan products besides ipsy. But they only offered some cruelty-free products. It wasn’t certain that you would receive them. So I decided to look for a box more practical for my lifestyle.

So I googled, cruelty-free subscription box and Petit Vour came up amongst other ones. But I decided to pick this one. Why? you may ask. Well, for the most part, it’s $15 a month and they pair you up with four high-end sample size products. I personally love the box, inside and out. I mean a pink box with a cute quote that says “the creme de la cruelty-free”. Okay maybe it’s not a quote but a bold statement. But anyways, what comes in the box are all cruelty-free products. Personally, I don’t mind the sample size concept. If any of the products work for me I can just buy the original size on Petit Vour’s website! All in one! If you’re interested in a subscription box that is animal-friendly I would highly recommend this one. It’s affordable, appealing and vegan. An easy way to try out vegan products without the need of researching before you buy.  










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