Documentaries that will make you stop eating meat

Documentaries that will make you stop eating meat

Do you ever wonder if people are thinking the same thing as you? Or thought about doing things that you wish to do or become? Pretty deep, I know. But that’s what I ask my self all the time when I’m in a city full of hundreds and millions of people like San Fransisco. Walking amongst people who might have the same ideas. It makes me wonder if anyone has ever thought of trying something that I wanted to do. You ever wonder? Let me give you a scenario to make things easier and explain what I mean. Imagine walking down the streets of China Town. You hear people yelling and stomping their feet trying to get the best deal on avocados. You turn to your left and notice someone selling beautiful flower arrangements. Your favorite flowers, perfect for your kitchen table. Suddenly, there is a familiar and unpleasant smell. You turn to your right and notice a pig being butchered. Instead of thinking how you forgot to buy bacon or pork chops for dinner, what if you saw the pig as an animal and not an object you can cook. Have you ever thought about it? If so, I have too.  The way we look at plates and cups is the same way we look at meat, for our personal use. We look at things as objects because we humans are superior to anything on this planet.

You know, I always thought about humans as superior but never really noticed how everything is seen as an object until I stopped eating meat. I decided to watch more documentaries to keep me informed and motivated. That made me realize how eating meat wasn’t for me and that I made a good choice. There are three documentaries with a lot of great information to help you stop eating meat or just to gain knowledge of what you’re consuming and the meat industry. How did I stumble across these documentaries you might ask? Easy, Netflix and Youtube. Now the first documentary that I am going to introduce is COWSPIRACY. This documentary goes into more detail about the environmental issues caused by something that the environmental groups are too afraid to talk about. That something is animal agriculture. It is creating deforestation, pollution, greenhouse gases, amongst other things. I discovered the second documentary on Youtube, someone was talking about how they couldn’t finish watching it so I took the challenge and decided to watch it. It’s called EARTHLINGS, this documentary goes into more detail of how we humans are using animals for our economic wealth. Whether it is for consumption or to have as a beloved pet. There are five chapters that talk about pets, food, clothing, and amongst others. This film is very descriptive and really makes you reevaluate your customs and beliefs. I found the third documentary on twitter, my friend tweeted that she wanted to watch this film to help her make better health choices. I was curious and asked my sister if she wanted to watch it and she agreed. We found WHAT THE HEALTH on  Netflix, but it’s also on Youtube. The third and final documentary is about the health industry involved with the meat industry. Shocking I know, but the narrator tries to unwind why the health organizations (like the American Heart Association etc.) and doctors are lying to their patients. 

All three of these documentaries are very informative and life-changing. If you decide to continue eating meat, that is okay with me. Many people try to force others to stop doing something that they don’t like. To me, the most important thing is to have you understand whats going on in the meat industry, what it’s doing to your body, and the environment. To acknowledge that the bacon you’re eating might have been mistreated. As long as you have that knowledge and you’re aware, I can live with that. I urge and encourage you to watch one of these documentaries, trust me, it can really change your life. Feel free to click on the links of each documentary. I’ve linked the full movie that you can watch for free on Youtube.

COWSPIRACY (click here)    EARTHLINGS (click here)    WHAT THE HEALTH (click here)




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