Ecotools Must Haves (cruelty-free)

Ecotools Must Haves (cruelty-free)

Haven’t you heard? Some cosmetic companies use real animal hair for their makeup brushes! Crazy huh!? I always thought that this was true for false lashes where they use mink hair. But nope they still do it, using animals for beauty, anyway. Influenster was kind enough to send me a complementary vox-box from Ecotools. This brand (Ecotools) is dedicated to help the environment by using recycled materials such as bamboo for their brushes and packaging. Best of all, this brand is considered cruelty-free by PETA. For this post, I decided to choose my favorite products from the bunch. 

In my vox-box I received the six-piece starter set and the full powder makeup brush.  If I had to choose two must have products it would be the full powder brush and the blush brush. Both of these brushes have the softest bristles ever and applies any product easily. I like to use the full powder brush with my Cocoa Powder by Too Faced Cosmetics. I also use it to brush off my setting powder.

Now onto the good stuff. Ecotools recently came out with their perfect blending duo. Did anyone say beauty blender who? Okay, I’m not throwing shade but that colorful sponge has been replaced by the Ecotools blending sponge for sure. Why am I being so dramatic? you ask. Well, Ecotools blending duo comes with two sponges which have different surface areas. Let me explain, I like to use the Wet n Wild Photo focus foundation (which is also cruelty-free and inexpensive) on the larger side of the sponge and use the smaller surface to bake (setting process). It makes it easier to use one sponge for multiple things, you know. Make sure you check out

Make sure you check out these must-have products online or at your local Target or drugstore. 

make up layout

ecotools brushes and too faced press powder

ecotools powder brush

Wet n Wild photo focus foundation

ecotools sponge

ecotools popular productsattachment-1


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