My Energy Healing Experience

My Energy Healing Experience

So in the past year or so, I have tried to find myself spiritually and be in a space where I have a positive mindset. I do so by practicing meditation with my crystals and really be in tune with the moon cycles. Of course, like any practice and routine, it takes time to “perfect it”. Or should I say to get in tune? Anyways,  I began my healing journey when a friend of mine introduced me to the law of attraction. At the moment I didn’t really see it as a form of healing. It was obvious that in order to attract something one has to put energy into it and so I slowly began my journey.

I started to look for guidance since all of this was new to me. So I purchased a book that helped me understand the different types of meditations and crystal practices. In addition, I began to follow some Instagram accounts like The Hood Witch that spoke a lot about horoscopes and began to understand my birth chart. Surprisingly you’re not only one specific horoscope sign,  you can have many depending on the time and place you were born. For example, I am a Taurus sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Leo Ascendant. Meaning that these three horoscope sings and more influence me. But there are professionals that can explain this better than I can.

All things aside, my healing truly began with the discovery of a podcast called, Let There Be Luz by Luz Warrior. A podcast that only had one episode that talked about the purpose of the podcast which was our connection as women to the moon. My intuition couldn’t stop listening to this whole series. So I began to learn more things I didn’t know could be possible. Like how our menstrual cycle can be in tune with the moon phases and the possibility of a distance energy healing.

Luz opened an energy healing session for December and so I wanted to register for it but I was afraid and doubtful. I ended up not registering, but my intuition kept reminding me about this energy healing and how this would be really helpful for me. I went back to her website to see if any December dates were open but there wasn’t. Then the next day I checked her Instagram and she opened some spaces for January. It was a sign from the universe, I thought to myself and so I registered.


The experience was interesting and rewarding. There was a process to be done before the healing session and then it began. I had a tough time relaxing my body due to my anxious mind who was scared of change. But I slowly accepted and decided to let go. Let go of the fear and of the unknown. As my chords were being pulled I felt a sensation on my back. It felt as if it was being lifted. So chords are basically made up of energy that connects to others around you. The purpose of pulling the chords is to release that stale energy that is no longer needed.

The next day Luz explained everything that happened during the session. I felt so grateful and noticed a change in many things after the healing session. It was a very rewarding experience and I am thankful that I discovered her podcast. But Let There Be Luz is more than just a healing podcast. It’s a podcast that truly encourages self-acceptance and spiritual growth.

I honestly wanted to keep this to my self and not share my journey. Although crystals, yoga, meditation is all becoming very popular. It’s a growing trend that I thought was being accepted but others might think otherwise. I wanted to share my journey to remind you all of the importance of self-love. Encouraging importance of embracing your body as a whole because we are humans filled with energy.


Note: It really took time and lots of research to understand how yoga, meditation, crystals and much more could help me understand this spiritual journey. It will take time and patience but will be rewarding.

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