How to get rid of a creative funk: Update

How to get rid of a creative funk: Update

I have been completely out of it this past couple of months and as much as I want to blame it on Mercury being in retrograde, I can’t. It’s been my lack of motivation due to my creative juices; I ran out. I was honestly running on empty, which made me put my blog and Instagram in a complete stop. Looking back I wish I could have just continued creating content but I knew I wouldn’t be producing the best of the best. Honestly, I couldn’t think about things to write about for you guys. You know, at some point we all get to this place in our life where you lose motivation for anything that you’re doing.

It could be related to your work, school, hobbies, working out, etc. Making it completely hard to get out of that funk, and that’s when you need to put a pause on things and try to get it together. But how does someone get to this point where motivation dies down because your creative juices aren’t flowing? I have no idea. Trust me if I knew I would have avoided this feeling, I mean we would all avoid it. But you know, in a way I am glad I put a pause to whatever I was doing and focused on my mental health. It is okay to put a stop to any project. Of course, it’s going to be hard to get back up. But that’s why I’m here, to let you all know what helped me get out of that funk.

First thing first, you need to identify how you’re feeling. It’s important to step back and think  to yourself “why am I feeling this way?” “am I overwhelmed?” Or maybe “am I stressing out too much that it’s affecting my mental health?” In my case, it was my anxiety and stress that took a toll on me, and so I decided to step back. Now when I wanted to get back on the grind and start back up, I didn’t know how to. My creative juices weren’t flowing and the lack of motivation stopped me from starting back again.

So a tip I have for you all is to talk to someone about it. Don’t be afraid to talk about what’s happening. It honestly took me a day to get motivated once again. One long conversation with my loved one helped me remember what my goal was and why I needed to get back to creating new content. It’s really just a confidence boost that is needed to get out of that funk.

Another helpful tip is looking at the work of others. Whether it’s reading a book, watching a fitness video, or taking a hike, it can all help get those juices flowing. As a blogger, I find inspiration when I read other blog posts that are related to my niche. There are also times I scroll through Instagram and become inspired by the pictures on my feed. I also really enjoyed watching Lavendaire’s YouTube videos on motivation, taking action, and being consistent. She goes on and talks about the importance to keep going and how to get started.

I hope this update and tips motivate you to start again on whatever that you’re working on. Remember that anything and everything is possible!

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