Having a Meat Eater as a Boyfriend: My experience

Having a Meat Eater as a Boyfriend: My experience

Dating, for many of us it’s a struggled to find the perfect love match. Others, or should I say the older generation think it’s way harder to find someone in this day in age. Why? Well dating apps, people always stuck to their phones and should I say antisocial or insecurities? Besides all of that, we crave love. I mean who doesn’t? But this post, unfortunately, isn’t about how to find love. Instead of what it’s like to be in love and dating someone who is the complete opposite from you. I mean opposites do attract, it’s a physics thing. So you might be asking what it’s like to be dating someone who is a meat eater. You either gave up meat or is thinking about it. Well, let me tell you all about my experience. 

Before I decided to take the leap and become a dedicated vegetarian. My boyfriend and I were simply taking our first steps in becoming official. Then 10 days before he asked me out I decided to become vegetarian. Now I wrote a post about how I made my transition and well if you read it you know about the sin I committed. Was my boyfriend a part of it? You may be asking, and the answer is yes (lol). Everyone was! But let me tell you, he was supportive and willing to stick by my side. I guess that’s when you know if someone really likes you and is into you. When you make a change in your personal life and they don’t run towards the hills if you know what I mean. So the journey started and there were some bumps on the road. As a new vegetarian I was nervous, what will people think about me? Will they think I’m weird? I shouldn’t really care about those around me but I was. Especially when my boyfriend would forget to tell people I didn’t eat meat and why I couldn’t make it to dinner. Or why I wasn’t eating anything at a barbeque because everything contained meat or was made with chicken broth. Was everyone against me? I thought every time there was nothing for me to eat. Dramatic, I know, but that’s how I perceived every situation in my head. I was upset, lost, confused and very emotional. I felt left out and everything because I decided to stop eating meat. But I stuck through it, I knew this was the right choice. 

Anyways, regardless of how I felt he stuck by my side. He really supported me through my first year of becoming vegetarian. Looking up places to eat on Yelp and trying new vegan restaurants with me. Oh, and remember to tell others I was vegetarian. Now I get a lot of questions from friends if he has decided to join me on my vegetarian journey. Meaning if he want’s to transition as well. We’ve talked about it and he thought maybe in the future he can try it out. But for now he is choosing to try out cruelty-free products and it makes me so proud! My lifestyle is influencing him to try new products. If he ever decides to become vegetarian or vegan, I am going to support and guide him through the whole process. You might be asking or wondering why I decided to talk about something so intimate about my relationship. If you didn’t well I’m still going to tell you. I wanted to give you guys an example. Although many of us don’t agree with the life choices or things that others are supporting. Maybe because they aren’t the same as ours. It shouldn’t be the reason why we should stop talking or getting to know a person. I don’t believe in pressuring others to stop eating meat but instead to inform them and have them aware of what the animals go through. That paints a bigger picture. I really hope that you all enjoyed this post and please check out Coffee with Bae you won’t regret it, thanks. 



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