Becoming a Vegetarian: For Beginners

Becoming a Vegetarian: For Beginners

I have been a vegetarian for a year and I thought that it would be extremely helpful to share my tips on how to stay meat-less. Before I begin, I know that there are articles and youtube videos that give you tips on how to become vegetarian/vegan but they aren’t as honest. What I mean is that there wasn’t an article talking about the culture clash that I would be experiencing or how people close to me would not accept my beliefs. Yes, it’s all rainbows and glitter when you decide to become vegetarian or vegan but the battle begins when you start telling people you’ve made the change. In my experience, cutting off meat completely wasn’t an issue. Telling people that I don’t eat meat, now that’s when the main issue rose. The why are you doing this? Where did you get this crazy idea from? And one person can’t save the world. These questions and comments are the hard ones to overcome. But I got you, don’t worry, I’m sharing with you thing’s I wish someone told me before I started thinking about transitioning.

Let’s begin,  If you live in a household where your loved ones or roommates consume meat for basically all of their meals, then you’re in the same boat as me. At the beginning, it was extremely hard for me because my family didn’t really understand why I gave up meat completely, and well it was my fault. I didn’t really explain to them why I was making this change, which brings me to my first tip.

Why are you becoming vegetarian or vegan?

People are going to ask you why you made this change and if you don’t know how to answer this question then it’s going to be easier for you to give everything up. If it’s to create awareness, save animals, or dietary restrictions, you need to be confident about your beliefs and answer this question honestly. For example, I get this question asked so many times I have lost count. What I usually say is that I am doing this because I do not believe in consuming meat in order to survive. I don’t have the rights to decide whether something should be treated as a pet or an object. Do you get me? Now let’s go to the next tip.


Research, research, research!

No, you don’t need a peer review article to do your research. What I mean is look online and find recipes. You are going to get rid of your main protein source so you need to replace it with other things like veggies or tofu. Read what other people are eating and what has helped them stay full after their meals.  Like this article here. Okay, on to the next tip.

Identify your support system.

Who is supporting your choice of being vegetarian or vegan? In my case, my number one support system has been my boyfriend, family, and some friends. They are going to be the ones rooting for you. Why do you need a support system? There’s going to be times where you’re going to give up. People telling you why are you doing this or feeling overwhelmed. Those people will have your back and reassure you why you’re vegetarian or vegan. If you don’t have a support system try to follow Instagram, twitter, facebook or Tumblr accounts that promote this lifestyle. People usually share their recipes, cruelty-free makeup, and favorite food brands.


These three tips of advice I mentioned are essential if want to become a vegetarian or vegan. It’s more than just deciding to turn vegetarian/vegan and start changing your diet. There are people who are going disagree with you, question your beliefs and put you down. I know people promote the importance of becoming vegetarian/vegan but they never talk about the struggles they’ve encountered. So, be sure to have all of these tips in mind when you are transitioning. Remember why you’re doing this and stick to it! You got this!



2 thoughts on “Becoming a Vegetarian: For Beginners”

  • I love this! I don’t think I will ever become a vegetarian but I do like to learn about different, healthier ways of eating, and I definitely think we don’t need all the meat we consume on a yearly basis. Whatever works for an individual of course, to each their own. I especially agree with the “research” point, because not only do you learn about exciting new recipes, it also just gives you a better understanding of different diets. Great post and lovely blog.

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