How To Travel As A Vegetarian | My tips & tricks

How To Travel As A Vegetarian | My tips & tricks

I am so excited to announce that I am going to Mexico this month (or in a couple of days I should say). It’s been years that I’ve been to a rural part of Mexico. Around 10 years! Not to mention that I was not vegetarian at that time. So I didn’t have to stress over what I was going to eat every day. Well fast forward 10 years later and I am stressing out, well not really. Luckily, I’ve traveled enough and done some research to gain some tips and tricks. Even if you’re vegan or have any other dietary restrictions, you’ll learn some new info. If you’re not traveling to a rural place like I am, then searching for a vegetarian/vegan-friendly restaurant on Yelp will be easy enough. People post images of their food and write reviews. So you have an idea if you should order that vegan tikka masala or not. But I find that taking too much time. A helpful website that I like to use is Happy Cow. It is more efficient because it searches for vegan restaurants, vegetarian restaurants, Veg-Friendly Restaurants, and grocery stores around your area. Or wherever you are planning to travel, which I think is pretty amazing. If you’re going to any popular cities abroad, this is going to be really helpful. I usually like to look for restaurants before I get to my destination because I am a control freak like that. Now if you’re going to a rural area or you can’t find the city you’re visiting on Happy Cow, ask for dishes without meat. You want to be more specific. You’re in a different country so saying your vegetarian might mean extra veggies for them. Now they might not have an extravagant dish for you so you might be settling for sides like beans and rice. Every restaurant has vegetables so ask for a side of cooked veggies. 

Another alternative is staying at home and cooking your meals. Home away from home, I should say. I prefer to stay at an Airbnb because it has a home feel to it versus being stuck at a hotel, not to mention you get a kitchen. Explore the neighborhood and visit local markets where you can buy fresh ingredients. My boyfriend and I got an Aribnb in Seattle and it was the best idea ever. We go to explore the market and had fresh pasta for dinner. But overall be positive and enjoy your trip. Don’t stress over not having what to eat or be angry at the locals for not having any accommodations for you. 




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