How to Live a Positive Life

How to Live a Positive Life

Let’s go off topic and talk about something that I feel is important. Now that I am in a more positive place in my life, I think it is right to talk about the importance of living positively. It always gets me questioning my goals and ambitions. You know, we are sometimes caught up seeking approval from others. Living for them and not for ourselves. I have caught myself saying that what I am doing, it is for them, but what about myself? Does this mean that they rule the way I think and live? Just recently I noticed that about my life, seeking approval from others. What will they think if I take another path or I take a job that pays less than what they expect me to make? What if I go after my dreams, and I make a fool out of myself?

I caught myself living for them and not for myself. Stressing and obsessing over the fact that I might not be successful in their eyes. Falling into depression, hiding my emotions inside waiting to explode at the right time. Whom do you blame, them or yourself? Honestly, it can go both ways, I assume. It is easy to point fingers and blame your worries on others and forget that you are letting them into your mind and emotions. However, I do not blame you. There are times I like to ask for the opinion of others. What do you think? Do you like it? Sharing my plans and the things I want to change in life. We seek for positive reassurance and positive feedback.

However, what if we do not get that? Sadness, anger, and embarrassment rushes into our body. That is when I once again ask myself, is the approval of others that important to me, to us? The fact that they do not like my ideas, personality, or changes makes me not want to do them. Why? Whenever I feel that way, I always remind myself that this is my life, not ours. The things I do are things I want to do and will do.

Seeking the approval from others such as; our friends, family, lovers, is energy wasted on overthinking and putting yourself down. You know I have had three blogs, including this one, and my first blog was about fashion. I loved watching runway shows and styling myself. However, I stopped posting because I was embarrassed, what would others think about me? So when I started my third blog (which is this one), I was feeling the same way. What if my writing is not exceptional? What if my pictures are not high quality? I do not want to model. People will make fun of me. It takes courage and dedication to expose your ideas, passion, and commitment to others.

Another example is when I took my first communication studies class. I had my first presentation about a topic that is dear to my heart. I knew all my information, but I was embarrassed and insecure. What if my classmates do not like my presentation? What if my professor thinks I did a horrible job?  Not everyone is or will do the things you want to do. What can you do? How can you stop feeling this way? How do you avoid the feeling of seeking for approvals? What I like to do is reassure myself that the things that are happening to me are happening for a specific reason. If you trip and fall, do you just lay down there and wait for someone to pick you up? No! You get up and continue to do what you were doing.

That is how I live my life now. If I do not get that position I applied to, that is fine there are a million more job opportunities out there for me. If someone judges me because I decided to go vegan, I do not care. It is their opinions and not ours. Trust me, I did not think this way three months ago. I have a quote I live for, and that is “it is not your anchor to carry.” Meaning, their issues, and opinions are not yours to keep. Their negative thoughts should not anchor you down to sadness, anger, and embarrassment. There comes a time where you get tired of the same cycle, and you just don’t care what other’s think. Live a positive life and you will be happy forever. I hope you guys liked this topic. Let me know what you think? Do you agree or disagree? Leave me a comment, I would love to know your opinion.

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