How to Make Extra Money Online

How to Make Extra Money Online

So recently I have discovered a way to make extra money on the side that works. No, it’s not any long surveys that you have to fill out, it’s effortless. Perfect for any college student that might need some extra money for leisure or to make ends meet. Trust me, I have been a broke college student, so I’ve been there and done that. Also for those that are looking to make some money for a trip or anything else. So how do you make extra money? Selling gently used items! Yeah, let that sink in. My good friend Ruby from My Vida Style posted a tweet about how she was selling her lightly used items on Poshmark! I’ve heard about Poshmark and how it can help you get some extra cash by selling clothes, shoes, bags, etc. So I decided to give it a try!

In my case I find myself hogging clothes, bags, and shoes that I don’t need or use anymore. I try to reuse my clothes and handbags by styling them differently, but if I’ve posted them on my Instagram or a blog post they got to go! (please don’t roll your eyes lol). Now that I have turned vegan, my collection of leather goods need to go. So what do I do with things that I don’t use? Place everything in a box and forget about them. Until the spring comes around and it’s time to donate my goods to Goodwill. Now, I don’t see anything wrong with donating your clothes. But if you can make some extra money out of them, why not? Everyone can use some extra cash now that the holidays are around the corner.

I find it that being organized has really helped me be successful using this app. Decide what you want to get rid of and place it somewhere. In my case, I decided to add all of my items in a box so I won’t mix them with the stuff that I do want to keep. Now when you’ve done that then you’re ready to post your items on Poshmark. I have read enough blog posts and watched countless videos to understand that you need to be consistent in the app. Meaning that I would have to post two to three items on Poshmark, daily. Being consistent on the app means you will appear more often on others users feed which equals l you making extra money. So if you have a large pile of items, wait. Post a couple of things daily or weekly.

When you do list your items, you can decide how much you want to sell it for, and you can always adjust the price. Something that I have done that helps make a sale is If you lower the price of your item. By doing this anyone who has liked your item will get notified that the price has dropped. The app also has the option for users to create bundles. Which simply means that users are interested in purchasing more items from your “closet”. I like to offer additional discounts when users create bundles that way it will encourage them to purchase more items.

So what if someone buys something? Poshmark creates a free shipping label for you. The user who purchased your item paid for shipping so all you have to do is print the label and tape it onto a free USPS box. Yes, free! You don’t have to spend any money on shipping or boxes. That’s how to make extra money effortlessly. Start earning money now! Join me on Poshmark, Sign up with code LUPIITABONITA and get $5 just by clicking on this link HERE. Check out my Poshmark closet by clicking on this link HEREUntil next time.

How to make extra money online


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