Monday Motivation: It’s Okay To Be Vegetarian

Monday Motivation: It’s Okay To Be Vegetarian

It isn’t hard to transition into vegetarianism, maybe turning straight vegan, but letting go of meat isn’t that difficult. If you are focused and know why you are transitioning you should be fine. Sure the smell of chicken wings or tacos de carnitas (pork tacos) might tingle your taste buds. But there will always be a constant reminder of why you turned vegetarian. Maybe to be healthier or because you’re an animal activist and want to save all the animals in the world, who knows.

What was hard for me was the negative comments and looks I got when I said, “I was vegetarian”. The looks were given to me like I am some creature from another planet that has never been seen before. Those negative comments that slapped my face, “you won’t last more than a month”. That followed with questions like who pressured you to be like this? or where did you get this idea from? Long lasting laughs and jokes.

That was the hardest part for me. Being surrounded by people that don’t respect my lifestyle, that doesn’t understand why I am vegetarian. Sure I sometimes don’t explain why I am vegetarian but why should I? Why do I have to give you an explanation?

I’ve grown a thick skin and don’t get upset anymore. All I can do is educate others. But that’s the hard part. Growing a thick skin to criticism. The hardest critics are sometimes the people that you love. But just know ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE anything. If you want to slowly transition, do it. If you think it will take you 5 years to transition, do it. If you once were vegetarian/vegan and want to do it again, do it. Keep trying and you will achieve your goal in life. Ignore those negative comments (I know it’s hard) and educate those who question you. I was a vegetarian for one week and failed, but I tried again.

I tried again because people cheering me on to keep trying. Find those who support you through your transition and stick with them. You need positive and open-minded people who are curious and happy to see you succeed.

Some of the things that really helped me stay motivated and positive were following people on Instagram that were vegan or vegetarian. Looking at what they were eating and the restaurants that they would go to help me try new foods out. Finding cruelty free blogs helped me understand that being vegetarian is beyond just having a plant-based diet but also purchasing cruelty free products. What also helped me was reading articles that talked about how having a plant-based diet is helpful. Trying out new recipes and putting a twist on my past favorite dishes. Such as replacing chicken with potatoes on my enchiladas. Going to new vegan restaurants helped me see that I am not the only interested one.

Find what helps you stay positive. Maybe writing every day in a journal or watching vegetarian YouTubers might help you out.

Look beyond the horizon, stay positive and motivated. You got this!

Stay amazing,


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