Why You Should Visit Point Reyes Lighthouse

Why You Should Visit Point Reyes Lighthouse

May is honestly the busiest month for me, not only are graduations going on but it’s also my birthday month. Okay, let me be less dramatic, my birthday is also in May. But honestly, this past month has been full of celebrations. Getting away from it all was a must. As a birthday gift, my boyfriend decided to give me the best surprise ever. You know, as I get older I really appreciate a getaway. Whether it’s exploring a neighboring city or another state. It’s definitely better than the whole club or bar celebrations. I honestly never thought I would get to this point in my life, but surprise! I have. 

Anyways, he surprised me with a late brunch at Farm House Local. Hands down the best place ever! It’s an organic restaurant with the best service and food. But enough about that. Let’s get to the actual surprise. First of all, I hate surprises! Yes, another rant. The thought of not knowing where I’m going or what I’m receiving just gives me plain anxiety. I would love it if surprises didn’t exist in my life. Maybe because I love being in control and love knowing what’s going on. But after brunch, we hit the road and I was lost for a whole hour. I didn’t know where I was going. But suddenly it felt like home. It was very gloomy with fog building up. I put down my window and stuck out my hand. Excitement filled my face, there was a familiar smell. I could taste the saltiness in the air. We were going somewhere near the ocean. Suddenly he confessed, we were going to Point Reyes Light House. One of the best places to see whales pass by with their calfs. 

I thought it was such a thoughtful and amazing gift because I love whales! Ever since I was a young girl I’ve been a fond of them. But unfortunately, the fog was too thick to see any whales or the water below. That did not discourage me at all. The lighthouse itself was breathtaking and full of history. In 1870, the lighthouse was purposely made to warn sailors about the stretch of land covered in fog. It was amazing to learn about the people that lived there and who operated the lighthouse. 

We plan on going back in January and hope that we see many whales pass by. Honestly, this is such a magical place that everyone needs to visit. So now that we discovered this little gem, I really want to explore more places in California. 

















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