Savory Vegan Spanish Latte in Venice Beach

Savory Vegan Spanish Latte in Venice Beach

This past weekend I had the honor to check out one of the many coffee shops on my boyfriend’s bucket list. It was Menotti’s Coffee Stop located in Venice Beach, California. As I walked towards the door the welcoming tunes lured me in. Right there and then I knew that I was not going to order the usual boring latte. As I looked for something appealing to order, two gentlemen greeted us with open hands and asked us where we were coming from. My boyfriend happily replied, “the bay area”. I am not sure if this is a common thing in Venice for a barista to ask where their caffeine enthusiast customers are coming from. But it felt good that they seemed interested in us. As the chatter came to an end my boyfriend asked what they recommended us to order. Reaching for an old photography frame they quickly handed us their special hidden menu. At first, I was like, okay why do I need this image of an older man for? But it was obvious, the menu was behind it, so clever!  The title of Vegan Spanish Latte quickly caught my attention.

I don’t know what it was, but Vegan and Spanish put together made it sound so fancy. So my curious taste buds decided to give it a try. This secret drink consisted of coconut condensed milk and a verity of different ingredients. Coconut condense milk! Really? I have tried the Mexican mocha and the Horchata latte from different coffee shops but this was completely different let me tell you. The coconut condense milk really made a difference. 

As I took the first sip, my eyes became wide open. The taste of the cinnamon illuminated the taste of the condensed coconut milk. It didn’t hide the taste of coffee at all, it was a bit thick but not as sweet as the Mexican mocha. My boyfriend ordered the normal Spanish Latte and he agreed that both were really good, too good actually! I wish that we had this coffee shop closer to us. The vibe, service, and the coffee was just simply amazing. We are definitely planning to come back to this spot and I’ll be ordering the Vegan Spanish Latte again!

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