Voltaire Coffee House Date

Voltaire Coffee House Date
Who said shades of green are only appropriate for fall? I live for olive tones and dark greens during winter. But besides that, happy holidays! Christmas is around the corner and I have definitely procrastinated this year. I just purchased all of my Christmas gifts and I think I need a couple more. Let’s hope I don’t forget anyone. What was I going to say? Oh yeah! I finally got to visit a coffee shop that has been on my boyfriend’s bucket list for a while and guess what? They had a Spanish Latte. If you weren’t aware, my boyfriend and I became obsessed over Spanish lattes after our trip to Venice Beach. So when we see Spanish latte on a coffee menu, you bet we are going to order it and compare. Here’s my review, when are we going back to Venice? Honestly, the latte was good, but not great. My sister also tagged along and ordered the chai latte. Let’s just say she went nuts! We are the complete opposite, she loves tea and chi, and well I love coffee. Wait, I haven’t mentioned the name of the coffee shop. Wow, Lupita, well it’s Voltaire Coffee House and it’s located in the heart of San Jose which is basically downtown if you ask me. Will I visit again? Yes! I think I need to give it another chance, to be honest. It has a cool vibe to it and the interior is so cute. 

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Photographs by Jayare



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