The Importance of Thrifting: February Recap

The Importance of Thrifting: February Recap

February is the shortest month of the year but I just felt like the days were way too long. Or is it just me? I don’t know, I was not feeling this month at all. Valentine’s day was just like any other day to me, maybe because the eclipse had me stressing out? I am trying to be consistent with my blog and youtube channel. But it’s becoming more of a drag than a hobby, you know? Eww, I am just complaining! I got to stop! Setting all negative and February as a whole, aside, permanently. Other than the negative feelings and extensive cleansing I went thrifting almost every weekend. Visiting different thrift stores and going to flea markets.

I have grown a passion for thrifting lately. A couple years ago you would never catch me shopping for used clothes, never! I am being honest, very dramatic, I know. As I grow older I am more conscious of the impact that fast fashion creates. Think about it, if you purchase clothes from a thrift store, yard sale or a reseller app; you are essentially recycling. Like how you recycle paper to save trees, you know. But yeah, I have been thrifting a lot! I’ve gone with my boyfriend and siblings which makes it even more entertaining.

Now that we are in the fabulous month of March we are getting closer to Spring. Since I am a Spring baby this makes me happy. You know what else makes me happy? This trip I am about to take with some of my girlfriends. We are going to Mexico! Which means endless conversations in Spanish (yes!) and a ton of Instagram worthy spots! But I am worried about the limited of vegan food that will be available for me (insert stressed emoji here). So I am planning to take vegan snacks to help with my hunger. Other than that 2018 has been treating me very well.


Morning pick me up ?

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