The Starbucks Reserve Experience

The Starbucks Reserve Experience

This weekend I got to visit one of the Starbucks reserve stores in Los Gatos, Ca. When we entered, my first instinct was to get in line and order a latte. From the corner of my eye, I noticed my sisters boyfriend (Oscar) waving at us. I thought to myself, aren’t we going to order first? Guess not. As we sat down our friendly barista greeted us with a menu. A handheld menu like a restaurant? At Starbucks, what!?

I had no idea how different a reserve store was compared to your regular Starbucks store inside a Target or at your local store plaza. But let me tell you, it was an incredible experience! Each one of us got to choose one reserve coffee to try out. While the barista was making our coffee, he was explaining every step of the process. He even taught us a history lesson from the syphon that he was using. When he was done we got to taste the difference in each coffee that we chose. I have gone to many coffee shops and this coffee tasting experience was totally different and worth it. Our barista was a very knowledgeable coffee master and knew everything about the coffee aromas. 

To be honest I never took Starbucks serious or even thought about it as an actual coffee shop. Oscar defiantly made me have a change of thought. He informed me about the different things that Starbucks has to offer like coffee tasting, the difference between a reserve store, and what a coffee masters is. If you’re skeptical about Starbucks, you need to go to a reserve store. This is something that any curious or coffee lover must experience. Check out my video down below and experience the Starbucks reserve environment.

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