The Vegetarian Wizard

The Vegetarian Wizard


I have always been a big Harry Potter fan. Constantly watching all eight movies over and over again as I struggled to remember the magic spells. Waving my chopstick left and right screaming “obliviate”! Sure nothing would happen but it was fun. I only wished that my mom didn’t stop me from reading all the books when I was younger. According to her Mexican resources, they had announced that all Harry Potter books were evil. It was all because the books talked about magic spells and wizards. So I never had the chance to read them until now.

But anyways, as a Harry Potter fanatic, I went nuts when I heard that Universal Studios was going to have The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Luckily, my boyfriend is also a Harry Potter fan. So we decide to take a trip to Universal Studios. When we arrived at the theme park we went straight to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Let me tell you, it was magical. As we walked through the small town, we reached the Hogwarts castle and it was huge! The decor inside was amazing. Mimicking the hallways that we see in the movie. You could also spot several paintings coming to life and socializing amongst each other.

The ride was so much fun. We rode through a Quidditch game on our brooms as we followed Harry Potter through Hogwarts. As the ride ended we were greeted by Dumbledore while other wizards cheered our return back to the castle. We went on this ride twice! I definitely recommend it! After our adventure in the castle, we walked around the wizarding town.

We also found Dobby! He was a bit unpleased that I picked him up but I couldn’t help it. He’s so cute!
Butter Beer At Universal Studios

It was really warm that day, and I needed something cold to cool me down. As we looked around for a stand, we spotted a red cart that had butterbeer printed on the side of a barrel. The popular wizard drink was extremely good. We had two options to choose from. I tried the regular butterbeer while my boyfriend tried it as a slushy. Personally, I prefer the regular one. Unfortunately, there wasn’t really any vegetarian meal options for us vegetarian wizards.

Krusty Vegan Burger

So we decided to leave the wizarding world and head over to Springfield in search of something vegetarian-friendly. Luckily, Krusty had something special made for us. A vegetarian burger! Universal Studios does not have a great variety of vegetarian option meals. So if you plan on visiting the popular theme park, make sure to look at their vegetarian dining list or try out the Mother Nature Burger. Until next time.

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