Vegan Gift Guide For Her

Vegan Gift Guide For Her

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Christmas is around the corner and if you’re anything like me that stresses out over what to get your loved ones then you’re going to need this. It’s the perfect guide that will help you get an idea what your fellow vegan family member, friend, co-worker etc. will like. Recently my friends and I decided to do our annual secret Santa gathering and I was completely freaking out. I was so stressed and had no idea what to get my friend because she did not have a wish list. Honestly, I just put this task aside and forgot all about it. Then while I was doing some online shopping I realized that although my friend is not vegan I can introduce some things that I enjoy and like. That’s how this guide came to be about.

I think that it’s important to gift things that are special to you but the other person will enjoy. A thoughtful gift is always a great one just like The Start Where You Are journal. I personally enjoy writing my intentions down and reading motivational quotes. This is something I would appreciate to have in my life and want my friend to have this amazing tool. Every item in this gift guide is made with love, cruelty-free, vegan, and animal-friendly. Feel free to click on the numbers below the gift guide to redirect you to the product or on the images down below.

1. SOMAR ATX: Conchita Crop Top/T-Shirt



Graphic T-shirts/crops tops are the perfect gift for anyone. Especially this Conchita crop top that features my favorite Mexican bread. Somar ATX also has this crop top in a regular Conchita T-shirt. In addition, they have other amazing products for women and kids.

Available at Somar ATX | $24.99



2. Valfre: Bruno Portable Charger



I want to argue that everyone is attached to at least one electronic device. This means it has a battery that eventually will die out and we all know that feeling when our phone dies. Instant panic!! So why not gift a stylish portable charger? The perfect gift for any tech-savvy person.

Available at Valfre | $40.00




3. Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self Exploration



This journal is centered on exploring and learning more about yourself by exploring your creativity and encouraging self-motivation. The journal is filled with positive reinforcement and quotes. It only takes a few minutes of your day to relax and focus on your self and our life goals. The perfect vegan gift for any spiritual seekers.

Available on Amazon | $9.60





4. Dogeared: Karma The Circle Necklace



It is never a bad thing to gift someone jewelry especially when it has a special meaning attached to it. I really like how every jewelry piece from Dogeared represents a certain encouragement. A perfect gift that reminds your loved one to believe, trust and enjoy themselves. This specific necklace has a 14k rose gold finish with a beautiful pink stone.

Available on Amazon | $40.60





5. The Hoodwitch: Third Eye Amethyst Points


I love crystals and the amazing energy that they have. Crystals are perfect for meditation and other things such as healing. Amythist is a powerful and protective crystal that increases spiritual awareness, calms the nervous system, supports sobriety. This stone releases stress and anxiety, perfect for any college student and spiritual vegan. The hoodwitch offers many other crystals, tarot cards, and sage.

Available on The Hoodwitch | $14.00


6. H&M: Dream Bigger Pajama Top and Leggings

vegan-gift-pijama-setEveryone deserves a cozy pair of pajamas that encourages you to dream bigger. These PJ’s are made out of a soft cotton blend. H&M offers six other pajama top and leggings in different colors with a different statement.

Available at H&M | $24.99








7. Air Plant Hanging Vase

vegan-gift-air-plant-vaseAir plants are the perfect plant for those that have a history of not being able to keep one alive. Yes, you heard me and I am guilty of that as well. When you buy an air plant they don’t come with anything so what better way to have a stylish vase as their little home. Buy an air plant at your local succulent store and pair it with this rose gold vase. The perfect gift for a vegan plant lover.

Available on Amazon | $20.96





8. Hank & Henry: The Temptress

vegan-gift-hank-and-henryThis eyeshadow kit is perfect for any makeup obsessed vegan. Hank & Henry’s makeup formula is completely vegan and cruelty-free. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and a must have product.

Available at Hank & Henry | $37.00






9. Tarte Cosmetics: Maneater Makeover Lash and Lip Set

vegan-gift-tarte-maneaterThe perfect vegan gift is here! I love warring eyelashes and it is hard to find cruelty-free lashes that are dramatic, full and flirty. These are a must-have falsie and lip set for any vegan makeup lover and it saves you some money.

Tip: If you are planning to gift someone makeup get a makeup set instead of individual products. It will help you save some money since sets are usually discounted.

Available at Ulta | $22.00




10. Stella Mccartney: Falabella Box Shoulder Bag

vegan-gift-stellamccartneyBlack goes with everything and this vegan leather shoulder bag makes a statement. Every vegan fashionista needs this in their life!

Tip: Any vegan leather black bag is a must-have. It goes with everything!

Available at Farfetch | $809.00








11. Lush: Rosy Christmas Wrapped Gift

vegan-gift-lush-rosy-christmasI love Lush! Who doesn’t? They have many cruelty-free products that any vegan would enjoy. But what products would you choose? Lush has these amazing vegan gifts full of goodies which gives you some options and plenty of help.

Available at Lush | $19.95






12. Frugal Vegan: Affordable, Easy & Delicious Vegan Cooking


As a vegan it get’s boring to eat the same things over and over again. I like to look up recipes and switch my meals up. This is the perfect vegan gift for any new-be vegan that needs some help in the kitchen.

Available on Amazon | $12.61








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