Vegan Meatless Substitutes

Vegan Meatless Substitutes

Happy spooky Halloween friends! For today’s post, I wanted to share with you all my favorite vegan meatless substitutes that I have enjoyed this year. It’s always satisfying to find meat substitutes that actually taste good. My first experience was horrifying and it’s only right to share with you all on this spooky day. So, it was during my first year in college, my friend was a vegan which at the time I had no idea why or what that meant. I just knew he didn’t eat any meat. 

We walked from the library where we were studying for our psychology midterm exam all the way to a vegan Asian restaurant. Six long blocks later we finally made it. I was honestly out of breath and had small sweat drips running down the side of my face. Not to mention it was a very hot day. We walked into the very small and crowded restaurant. My friend ordered for the both of us. Two chicken sandwiches and two canned sodas. They called out our number and walked outside with our red trays, there was no room inside so we had no choice but to sit under the hot sun.

While I was eating my sandwich I felt an interesting flavor and texture in my mouth. I had completely forgotten that my friend mentioned that he was vegan and then suddenly he asked, “how do you like your fake chicken sandwich?”. I knew it! It had a very weird taste! I just had half of my sandwich and gave the rest to my friend. The meatless grilled chicken was disgusting which made me hate anything that was fake. Why? Well, that’s how these animal-friendly products were introduced to me, as fake. Meat substitutes always scared me after that. A horrifying experience I know.

Fast forward to 2016 and I agreed to take a trip with 10 meat eaters to Lake Tahoe. My first trip as a vegetarian and I didn’t know what to buy or pack, food wise. So I did some research online and I took the plunge. Drove to Safeway and I stumbled upon a teriyaki veggie burger by Sweet Earth. When we got to Tahoe everyone wanted to eat burgers. I got my teriyaki veggie patty and started grilling it before the meat eaters came and contaminated the grill with animal flesh.

Nervously building my burger adding some lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and adding on the patty. I kept thinking it was going to be gross so I made my boyfriend try it first. His eyes lid up and I had to try it out. I took my first bite and it was so delicious! Suddenly I was not afraid to try meat substitutes. If you’re anything like me then you’re going to go crazy over these delicious vegan meatless substitutes that are going to erase any negative memory.

Beef-Free Crumbles – Beyond Beefvegan-meatless-substitutes

Beyond beef has two types of beef crumbles. For tacos and just regular beefless crumbles. I am a big fan of spaghetti, it reminds me of my childhood so it’s very comforting. Instead of having noodles and tomato sauce I decided to add these beef free crumbles. The seasoning is okay but I added some garlic seasoning and it was delicious. You can definitely make these even more tasteful with your favorite seasoning.

Barbecue Chick’n Wings – Gardeinvegan-meatless-substitutes

I was a big chicken wing fan when I was a meat eater. I enjoyed the sauces more than the actual meat. So I stumbled upon these barbecue chicken-less wings by Gardein and they were amazing. The texture and flavor of the barbecue sauce were very satisfying. I find these perfect for movie or game night.

Smart Sausages Italian – Lightlifevegan-meatless-substitutes

Before trying the Lightlife sausages I tried two other brands. Their sausages reminded me of my experience of the chicken-less sandwich I had in college which was unpleasant. There was nothing delicious about it. I’m assuming the brands wanted to mimic the flavor of a meat sausage. But anyways, I stumbled upon these smart sausages in the Italian flavor. I was worried I might not like them but they smelled delicious. They tasted delicious! I like to eat them with a hot dog bun, pizza, or pasta!


Fresh Teriyaki Veggie Burger – Sweet Earth Enlightened Foods vegan-meatless-substitutes

This was the first veggie burger I ever purchased. What I like about this patty is that it doesn’t fall apart, which that’s what usually happens with veggie burgers. Which is totally annoying and not to mention they are sometimes dry. But the teriyaki veggie burger had a delicious flavor and texture. These patties are perfect for barbeques or camping trips.


Hickory Smoked Deli Slices – Tofurky


So in my household, we have a lot of lazy sandwich days. I don’t always try to look for ham substitutes but these deli slices are so delicious on veggie wraps and sandwiches. The hickory smoked slices have a very delicious taste which gives is a special twist to my boring sandwiches.




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