Vegan Tamale Masa (Dough)

Vegan Tamale Masa (Dough)
Happy holidays! It is Christmas day and I wanted to share this amazing recipe. If you’re vegan or vegetarian you will love this, trust me. But anyways, growing up in a Mexican household, I would always help my mom make tamales for Christmas. This is my first year being vegetarian so I can’t have regular tamales for dinner since the dough has pig lard. But I was lucky enough to have my mom make an easy vegan tamale dough. For the filling, we used cheese and jalapeño strips, but if you’re vegan you can saute some veggies. Remember, the dough is completely vegan!  

You Will Need 
3 Cups of corn flour (I used Maseca)
500 grams of vegetable shortening 
2 tbsp of table salt 
1 cup of water
1tsp of baking powder

Making the masa!
You want to add your dry ingredients into a bowl and gradually add the water and vegetable shortening into the mix. Alright, time to get messy! With this recipe, you will need your two hands. Not a wooden spoon or a spatula, but your actual two hands. The point of this technique is to mix everything perfectly and the warmth of your hands will make it easier to mix the vegetable shortening with the rest of the ingredients. It’s just like making cookie dough. Once you are done making your dough you can start making your tamales. 

It’s that easy! This recipe makes around 15 tamales and it is delicious, enjoy.

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