Visiting Tepatitlan, Jalisco

Visiting Tepatitlan, Jalisco

I am finally back from my week-long vacation in México, and I am a little bit upset. It’s always nice to visit the motherland, walking around hearing the language. Experiencing the culture in full swing. It really is what I enjoy the most. But like any fairytale story, it must come to an end or should I say back to reality. Anyways, this was not my first time visiting the state of Jalisco. My family and I usually visit Guadalajara and neighboring cities. But mainly reside in my parents home state which is Michoacan. Well not this time, I had the pleasure to visit this amazing state with my boyfriend and his family.  Ask me if I was nervous; of course, I was! I was so used to having my parents exchange my money, book my flight, feed me, take me places. But I guess this time I had to do everything on my own with some help from others. Which was a big weight off my shoulders. There were plenty of places that we visited as a group, but Tepatitlan stole my heart. It sounds kinda cheesy but I found the city to be gorgeous.  It had amazing food and architecture. Also, it’s a place we visited frequently, like almost every day. Meeting up with other family members to have breakfast or dinner.

I must say it was a city filled with more vegetarian-friendly food than where we were staying at. There was a night where I had nothing to eat for dinner and I wished I was in Tepa (short for Tepatitlan). So I just had pan dulce, which is a sweet bread and a glass of milk. Not my ideal dinner but that’s all they had. All negative things aside, point is, I had more options in Tepa. Instead of hitting up a restaurant we would go to El Mercado. Which is a food court on the second level and a farmers market on the first floor with other small shops filled with traditional treats like obleas. They had so many options, my favorite dish was the gorditas. It’s like a thick tortilla with melted cheese on top. We would usually meet up in the morning with the rest of our group, depending if we rode on the bus or went in different cars. Although we were always visiting, there was a lot of things to do. If you didn’t know, my boyfriend has a coffee Instagram page (@coffeewithbae). We would look for some coffee shops to try out. Surprisingly there was a handful of coffee shops that we wanted to visit but didn’t have enough time. The ones we did visit, were really good. Oh, I didn’t even mention the trash cans they! There were two bins, one was for trash and the other for compost. I thought it was interesting to see a town implement this option in México.

I would say that my favorite place to visit in Tepa was the ice cream shops. It was extremely hot some days and having something cold was a must. Mexican ice cream cones are the best to cool off. But overall this place was amazing. I truly had an amazing trip and can’t wait to go back next year. 

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