Vitamins I take as a Vegan

Vitamins I take as a Vegan

Take your vitamins! Is a haunting phrase that I remember as a young kid trying to dodge my mom while I had breakfast. As an adult, I continue to take vitamins and now accept them because I know that they do good things to my body. If you are becoming vegan or vegetarian you might have wondered if you should be taking vitamins or not. This question is debatable, some think that you should, while others think it’s pointless. You probably didn’t even take vitamins as a meat eater, why start now? Many think that way, which makes this topic a controversial one in the vegan/vegetarian community.


In my case, I have always taken vitamins whether it was vitamin C or taking omega 3 pills. I get it, you might be thinking well I am eating a lot of veggies so my vitamins are coming from there. Well, true but what I noticed about my body was that my immune system was becoming weak. Meaning I would get sick more often and frequently. I didn’t know why that was happening. This was during my transition as a vegetarian. You might think, well maybe you didn’t eat enough throughout the day. Well maybe, but I will argue that my body was used to the vitamins found in dairy products and meat, such as B12 and calcium. Some of the vitamins that I find myself taking currently are vitamin E, calcium, and B12.

Keeping up with the daily vitamin consumption can be a bit of a drag since it’s a new routine you’re implementing, I get it. When I decided that I was going to take vitamins the first thing that came to my mind was, “how am I going to keep up with this?”. I was thinking that it was best if I implemented my vitamins with a routine that I am loyal to. You know those routines we always do such as brushing our teeth in the morning or doing your skincare routine. What I find that works for me is to take my vitamins in the morning when I am having breakfast. Normally I like to have oatmeal or avocado toast in the morning. I like to leave my vitamins next to the oatmeal so I know that I need to take them. That might be a good idea for you if you’re wondering about a way to remind yourself. Whether you decide to take vitamins or not here is some more info on what each of my favorite vitamins does to your body.


Vitamin B12

Red meat, eggs, and dairy are foods that contain high levels of vitamin B12. These are foods we were normally exposed to before we became vegetarian or vegan, well in my case. You can also find vitamin B12 in fortified tofu. This vitamin is beneficial because it helps your central nervous system and immune system. It’s the main reason why I wanted to take vitamin B12 pills after I decided to go vegetarian. This would mean that my immune system would be better which meant getting sick less often.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is found in many foods such as meat, eggs, veggies, grains, and fruits. It helps protect your body against toxins such as pollution in the air and some diseases. This vitamin has a lot of benefits for the skin which I am all for. It helps with anti-aging and hydrates your skin.


As a vegan, I decided to take calcium supplements because as a vegetarian I would get my calcium from dairy products. The benefits that calcium has is that it nourishes your bones, teeth, and bodily functions.

Note: I am not a nutritionist, please see your doctor if you think you are deficient or curious about what vitamins/supplements to take. 




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