Why I Became Vegetarian

Why I Became Vegetarian
 It was a bright morning, the sun rays peeking out of my sister’s window begging me to wake up. While a rush of wind forced my strands of hair to move out of my face. Standing right next to the door was my sister holding her phone. Her face expression followed by her statement changed my life forever, “you have to see this it’s so sad”.

That’s how it all began. My sister would continuously show me countless videos of animals being tortured. These images brought disgust and anger that I wondered how could someone do that. But in reality who would dare to consume these animals, oh wait I did. As I continued watching these videos and reading articles about animal rights I decided that one day I would become vegetarian.

Suddenly, I was inspired to convert this year. I mean new year new me, right?

It was a Sunday morning, as I cooked my chicken breast on the skillet and tried to season it, the aroma of chicken flesh was not appealing to my taste buds. Soon an idea came to me, what if I become vegetarian? Pretending to those around me that I began a no meat detox diet was a gateway to my dream of becoming vegetarian.

I didn’t try to be vegetarian sooner because I thought people were going to judge me, and I was right. As I slowly confessed to my close friends, I found the support I was looking for. Cheering me on was my sisters and my boyfriend. But there were a few people who would say that I would not last. That I was not really “vegetarian” and it was just a “phase”. Those words hurt me the most because this was not a phase, it’s a lifestyle I WANT to live.

A lifestyle that wouldn’t have happened without the support of my loved ones. Now I can proudly say that I have been vegetarian for five months and I plan on staying that way until I am ready to become vegan.

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