The bomber jacket

Happy New Year! Yeah, I am about a week or so late but I’ve been so busy trying to stick to my New Year’s resolutions and let me tell you, I’m struggling. To end the year My boyfriend and I visited a cool coffee shop in Oakland called Timeless Coffee. They had vegan pastries! VEGAN! To be honest I am not mad that this was our last @CoffeeWithBae coffee date. If you’re in the Bay Area, its a must have coffee shop to visit, I am definitely planning on going back. 
Anywho, I finally found it, the perfect bomber jacket! It literally took me a whole year to find the one. But I was being a bit picky. I wanted to get a jacket that was black and had a bold statement in the back but did not look tacky. After searching and searching, I finally found it. Honestly, everyone needs a statement jacket. I am that one person that likes to wear a lot of black, white, gray or olive green. Since I mainly stick to those colors I like to have statement pieces and this jacket is one of them. I purchased mine from Forever 21 and paired this jacket up with some black jeans and booties. It’s the perfect outfit to go run errands or simply enjoy a coffee date with bae.

Photographs by Jayare 

Shop the look

FOREVER 21+ LA NY Bomber Jacket • Forever 21 • $23.99

H&M – Super Skinny Low Jeans – Black denim – Ladies • H&M • $15.99

Steven Bollie Velvet Booties • Steven • $149

H&M – Embroidered Bomber Jacket – Khaki green – Ladies • H&M • $29.99

Fabio Rusconi Chunky Suede Bootie • Fabio Rusconi • $168

H&M – Skinny Regular Ankle Jeans – Black denim – Ladies • H&M • $9.99

FOREVER 21+ Floral Embroidered Satin Bomber • Forever 21 • $78



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