HOW TO VANISH ADULT ACNE | Using Cruelty-Free Products

Acne, something that was foreign to me. I only experienced its presence during that time of the month. But as I got older, I began to become more aware that I needed to be loyal to my skin care routine and take it more seriously. At that time my only concern was to begin an early anti-aging regimen, but then everything changed. My skin became acne prone. I began to get acne on the right side of my chin. I didn’t freak out, I thought it would go away like it always does, but it didn’t. I woke up with acne on my right and left cheek. I knew I could easily cover my acne with makeup and everything would be okay. It only meant that I could not leave my house without it, and so I did. I got ready put my makeup on and tried to take a selfie. All the bumps were there, my concealer covered up all of the redness very well but the bumps didn’t disappear. I began to stress out, panic and became insecure. I never had acne and I didn’t know how to deal with it. Yes, I could google how to get rid of acne but I decided to turn to my sister. She had bad acne growing up, something she has under control now. The first thing she advised me to do was to stop freaking out and start washing my face every day. So I did, I washed my face every day and with help of others, I got my adult acne to vanish. Here are my holy grails, the cruelty-free products rituals that helped me vanish my adult acne.

First thing is first, drink a lot of water, trust me when I say this. Drinking a lot of water will help your skin become more hydrated, especially if you have dry skin. Now to the products, I am committed to the Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray. This product is amazing, it really does hydrate your skin. I like to spray this in the morning or during different times of the day depending if my skin needs a picker upper. Now I am going to repeatedly say this, if you are warring makeup please don’t sleep with it on. I know everyone has said this but I used to ignore it. I would wear my makeup to sleep and even reuse it the net day, I know gross. But now I am loyal to an amazing cleansing oil by Little Barn Apothecary. I find that using cleansing wipes tugged on my skin so I prefer to use a cruelty-free cleansing oil that really helps remove my waterproof makeup. My favorite cleanser that has helped me diminish my acne is the Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser that retails for $15. I usually like to use a small amount of product on my face. Followed by my favorite moisturizer by Sheamoisture that helps hydrate my dry and sensitive skin, retails for $12. If I wanted to do a face mask (which I highly recommend you to do) I would moisturize my face after my face mask. Yes even if you use a hydrating mask you should use a moisturize after. Then I like to apply the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion over my acne. I swear by this, it helps dry and eliminates your acne. If I had to recommend only one product, that you SHOULD buy it would be the Drying Lotion by Mario Badescu. Why? Because it does the job! I use this every night and I also apply it over my acne scars; which also helps diminish. Another thing I used when I started treating my adult acne was tea tree oil. It helped diminish my acne but since I have very sensitive skin it irritated my skin. If your skin isn’t sensitive I encourage you to use tea tree oil. I hope you guys can benefit from this post. If you’ve used any of these products leave, let me know how they’ve worked for you. Xo




SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Skin Facial Moisturizer – 2 Fl Oz • Shea Moisture • $11.99 (Buy Here)

Little Barn Apothecary Blue Yarrow + Geranium Cleansing Oil • $32 (Buy Here

Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser • Mario Badescu • $15 (Buy Here)

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion/1 oz. • Mario Badescu • $17 (Buy Here) 

Mario Badescu Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater Facial Spray/4 oz. • Mario Badescu • $7 (Buy Here



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